Date:  Nov 15, 2023
Contract type:  Permanent contract



Within OVHcloud, the Business Unit Industry is responsible for designing and delivering server resources and infrastructures, while innovating and industrializing good practices. It ensures competitive levels of service and quality while respecting deadlines agreed with customers.


As L1 Technician, you will provide level 1 support to datacenter teams, subsidiaries and OVH customers as well as help to set up and maintain datacenters. You will be part of a group of L1 technician teams that operate 24/7, managed by a Team Leader.

1.Contribute to datacenter systems architecture, as the first level of support (L1)
o Optimise bays for new servers
o Wire the incoming cables and network of servers within a bay, respecting the wiring scheme
o Install servers as required by the Team Leaders and in accordance with the operational plan
o Assemble and install computer hardware (assemble/install/ upgrade/update computers)
o Follow safety rules and regulatory requirements
o Assemble industry equipment and water-piping equipment related to the operations of the server racks
o Call in an L2 technician if needed

2. Contribute to datacenter maintenance, as the first level of support (L1)
o Intervene on the servers in response to monitoring alerts or customer tickets
o Upgrade the servers (change obsolete components) according to the list of work to be carried out
o Undertake curative maintenance on delivered servers
o Identity intervention stages using diagnostic information
o Apply maintenance procédures
o Update wiring system
o Restructure computer bays
o Implement actions to resolve problems related to the server environment
o Ensure computers are functioning properly via analysis and monitoring
o Set up specifications and maintain databases (server, components and other)
o Manage and resolve system failures quickly and well
o Maintain and perform minor repair on industry equipment and water-piping equipment related to the operations of the server racks
o Call in an L2 technician and escalate incident tickets to L2 support if needed
o Ensure material process flows are compiled according to set processes in place
o Provide inventory support to manage stock levels to support the datacenter operations

o Able to work in shift timings to support the data center operations

3. Coordinate activity with all 24/7 teams and help improve customer relations
o Contribute to the continuous improvement of the department, meeting the requirements set out in the quality management system
o Help maintain good customer relations and customer satisfaction on a daily basis
o Ensure information is shared between maintenance agents and provide reports to the Team Leader
o Respect the schedule and targets set by the Team Leader
o Be customer centric and meet KPIs set to meet customer demand
o Highlight any potential delays early and identify mitigation plans with support of external teams working 24/7, in order to meet customer demand on time
o Draft end of shift report and effectively communicate progress & delays to stakeholders on a daily basis



• Knowledge of physical datacenter infrastructure
• Understanding of OVH products desirable but not essential
• Ability to follow and document internal procedures
• Advanced sense of service
• Good communication skills within a team
• Basic knowledge in Microsoft Office
• Able to draft reports to communicate progress and highlight delays
• Forklift driving expereince would be desirable but not necessary
• Organized, autonomous and adaptable



2 years' higher education in electronics / electrical engineering / IT / maintenance