Date:  Mar 7, 2023
Contract type:  Permanent contract


DC Manager


We are looking for a/an DC Manager for our Industry department, which manages the entire value chain. We offer a unique industrial model.
We design and deliver our hardware resources and infrastructures. The industry at OVHcloud encompasses key industry activities, such as supply chain, manufacturing, maintenance, as well as engineering and R&D. Our teams are constantly innovating, and this daily commitment guarantees a competitive, high-quality level of service for our customers.

As the Data Center Manager, you will ensure the continuity of your data center operations in cross-functional collaboration with the teams that use this data center. You will report to the Data Center Operations Manager for your zone.



  • Manage data center teams
    • Train, mentor and lead multidisciplinary teams
    • Manage and supervise the different teams working in the data center
    • Assess and develop the skills of employees
    • Develop workload and recruitment plans for your team and ensure that these are consistent
    • Organize the site’s business continuity (on-call workers, etc.)
    • Participate in recruiting data center teams
    • Ensure health and safety regulations are respected in the data center
    • Make sure the teams work well together and communicate successfully
  • Manage the operational activities of the infrastructure
    • Manage the site and make sure it operates smoothly
    • Manage and coordinate data center operations
    • Ensure the data center infrastructure is kept active (electricity, cooling, measuring, and monitoring technologies, security systems, optical fiber)
    • Manage the maintenance contracts for the data center (monitoring failures, error reports, ticket creation, overseeing contracts)
    • Coordinate interventions with external providers 
    • Manage and maintain a close relationship with providers and vendors
    • Oversee development and validate service compliance
    • Ensure documentation on DC operations is available
    • Carry out checks and maintenance within the deadlines set by the manufacturer or the development department (establish how often maintenance is carried out as necessary)
    • Ensure the hardware and infrastructure asset inventory is kept up to date
    • Organize risk management and prevention
    • Act as the operational manager of information security (ROSI) and make sure documentation is kept up to date (security files, procedures, etc.)
    • Perform audits in collaboration with the Quality team (27001/SOC/PCI DSS, etc.)
  • Contribute to the development and performance of the data center
    • Monitor and facilitate the key performance indicators
    • Report monthly on the DC infrastructure 
    • Set and manage the infrastructure budget
    • Perform administrative management for the site (invoices, temporary contracts, activity reports, etc.)
    • Work in partnership with the Project teams for data center extensions
    • Maintain optimal relationships with local authorities and ensure compliance with local regulations
    • Organize and carry out data center visits for customers
  • Make sure service levels are upheld and guarantee operational improvement
    • Ensure DC infrastructure and installations are of a high quality
    • Identify, process, and manage problems that have an impact on the security, reliability, or maintainability of infrastructure
    • Be a local force of continuous improvement by updating risk analysis and following action plans for correction and prevention
    • Participate in deploying prototypes and communicate with the R&D teams to improve the product
    • Help improve procedures and moderate the different suggestions from data center teams




At OVHcloud, we encourage boldness and initiative. Beyond these missions, we therefore expect you to be proactive and participate in the continuous improvement of your scope.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or another relevant field
  • 8+ years of experience in infrastructure management and maintenance (electrical, cooling)
  • 5+ years as an operational manager in an industrial environment
  • Electrical engineering degree or licensed journeyman is a plus
  • Strong knowledge of data center and electrical infrastructures
  • Good knowledge of IT hardware and networks
  • Command of methods for continuous improvement and industrial performance
  • Knowledge of operations management tools (budget, reporting, etc.)
  • Leadership skills; must be able to build and lead teams
  • Rigorous, analytical approach and good organizational skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Approachable and hands-on
  • Sense of responsibility, a self-starter