Date:  Jul 31, 2022
Custom Field 1:  Permanent contract

BORDEAUX, FR, 33000 NANTES, FR, 44000 ROUBAIX, FR, 59100 BREST, FR, 29200 LYON, FR, 69003 TOULOUSE, FR, 31000 CESSON-SEVIGNE, FR, 35510 PARIS, FR, 75017

 SRE / DBA - MariaDB



With more than 1.5 million customers worldwide, OVHcloud is the European leader in cloud computing and the 3rd largest internet hosting provider in the world. Our company has more than 2,200 employees and our teams are growing at breakneck speed, in France and around the world. With 30 datacentres and a sales presence in 5 continents, we manufacture our own servers, and control our entire industrial chain.
We defend an innovative and different cloud, that respects the European values of freedom of choice, transparency, openness to standards, and privacy.
To support our growth, we are constantly looking for new talents who share our values and ambitions.



We are looking for a SRE / DBA - MariaDB for our IT, technology & Product department that designs and develops the products, services and infrastructures that together build the future of OVHcloud.
Always on the lookout for innovation, these passionate fans are focused on solving complex technological problems.

You join the PCI team, which is in charge of ensuring the infrastructure’s health, durability and reliability for a large-scale system through mechanisms like automation.




As part of the Team Leader team, you will face the following challenges:


  • You operate nearly 40 Maria DB Galera clusters in all of our datacentres.
  • You monitor the health of the infrastructure
  • You develop, deploy and maintain new OpenStack features with maximum automation
  • You identify and fix bugs in OpenStack - RCA (Root Cause Analysis) code
  • You guarantee the smooth running of OVHcloud’s public cloud platform, with 24/7 on-call periods rotating.
  • You are helping to set up a new, high-availability cluster infrastructure, distributed geographically across 3 datacentres with replicas in all of our datacentres


At OVHcloud, we encourage daring and initiative. Beyond these missions, we therefore expect you to be proactive and participate in the continuous improvement of your perimeter.


  • You master the following technologies:

    • Maria DB / MySQL

    • Galéra Cluster

    • MySQL replication mechanism

    • MariaDB visibility with Prometheus

  • You have experience in maintaining database cluster operational conditions with an availability rate of 99.99%

  • You have experience in optimising performance: production server configuration, data schema, indexing and SQL query optimisation to assist developers.

  • Knowledge of MaxScale and Kubernetes is a plus.

  • Exploiting a cluster that is highly available and distributed geographically is a plus.

  • With a great sense of service, you want to have a positive impact on your internal and/or external contacts.

  • You are open to the world and working in an international context is an important aspect for you.

  • You are self-sufficient and able to work in a fast-changing environment.

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